Too many people die because of us. We’re the  m o n s t e r s.

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Teen Wolf and text posts: 2/? (Isaac Lahey edition)

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Okay but you cannot tell me that Derek didn’t help Scott hang up all those light bulbs in his loft and then hand him the keys and give Scott a straight faced lecture about consent and safety and then hand him a condom. 

Derek Hale is the world’s coolest older brother. 

Derek Hale is a cool mom.

Derek Hale is the sort of friend who would voluntarily sexile themselves. 

Don’t look at me.


                                                      A big-ass list of possible AU’s.

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Liam Dunbar in 4x11 "A Promise to the Dead"

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Yeah, I’ve practising,

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Artemis Crock in ‘Infiltrator (S01E06)

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