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Malia: “Maybe we should all be running for beacon hills…running for our lives, as fast as we can.”

Jackson, Cora, Ethan, and Isaac yelling from a distance: “DUH”

TW Meme: [3/5] Pairings: Stiles Stilinski/Cora Hale

"You know, the next time I put my lips on your mouth you better be awake."

So…what ya’ll saying is…


Braeden can save ya’ll faves…..

but she just can’t fuck ya’ll faves.





Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I reblogged this one alredy, BUT! Just LOOK at them! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen male friendship portrayed like this, the genuine care you see between them, the way they look at each other and touch each other… I wonder how much of it is the script and how much is Tyler and Dylan being simply Tyler and Dylan.

Totally true!
And you know what I love the most about their friendship? That it’s not played for laughs, like “haha, look how gay they are, except they’re not ahahahaha!” like AT ALL. Never. There’s not a single “gay-joke” about their friendship in the whole show and that’s really beautiful. 
Their relationship is so intimate and so close, and they touch each other a lot, to comfort, to reassure, to support, to help, but it’s always portrayed so soft and tender and real and it’s never used to make jokes about (the way it so often is). And I love it. I love how Scott is able hold Stiles hands, because he’s in pain and he’s freezing and there’s not a single joke about Stiles being his “girlfriend” or anything that would devalue this moment.  
And I honestly think a lot of that comes from Dylan and Tyler simply being Dylan and Tyler, because they obviously care about each other a lot.  

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I'm gonna save єνєяуσηє.

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"Arrow Bonding Time"

This show ended too soon.


is this a nature spirit

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Roy Harper through the seasons.

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